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After many months of hard work and years of wanting to create something that is ‘mine’, I am so very excited to finally be able to share my work with you! Here you will find handcrafted homeware and jewellery made sustainably in West Sussex. I chose the name ‘Wrought To You’ to play on the phrase ‘brought to you’ as I like that it feels as though I am speaking directly to my wonderful customers. My mission is to offer completely unique, one-off products for you and so it was important to me that the name reflected this personal touch. I also love the word ‘wrought’ as, although it is mostly associated with metals now, it actually has a few meanings. It can be used as an adjective to describe things made or fashioned in a particular way and is also an archaic past participle verb of ‘work’ which I think is pretty cool.

To give a bit more information about myself. My name is Georgia and I am a woodturner and part-time primary school teacher. I am originally from the beautiful county of Herefordshire and am now based in the equally stunning West Sussex. Woodturning started as a hobby of mine a few years ago and now is very much a passion and a huge part of my life; I will happily sit at my lathe for hours and hours at a time. As I started to turn items for my own home and then as gifts for friends and family, I realised how much people appreciate having objects in their home that are unique to them and reflect their individuality. I felt like in a world of mass production, this was something that was more difficult to come by than ordering products that have been produced by machines thousands of times over. I love providing people with homeware and jewellery that nobody else will have as I only create one of everything I make (unless they are in pairs of course). There is a mutual joy that occurs between the maker and receiver of artisanal crafts and I wanted to offer this experience to a wider audience by creating an easy-to-use, welcoming website that offers handcrafted items wrought direct to your door. 

As well as selling products through this page, I will be writing regular blog posts about our latest products and deals, various subjects linked to the crafts, my experiences of running a small business, as well as giving more of an insight into my journey to Wrought To You. If you have any questions or comments for me, I’d love to hear from you so do use our contact page to do so.

Thank you so much again for your support and welcome to the Wrought To You community!

With love, Georgia x

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